“Football world community token is in no way associated with FIFA or any of their brands” "NFT marketplace coming soon..." "NFT game collection coming next month" "Fwctoken Listed In Hotbit"


The concept of this token is justice and equality

There is no fee
There is no tax

Fully owned and driven by community!
No Control Of Contract. No Control of Liquidity. All Burnt and Safe!



FWC Token is a project that was created with the aim of bringing football and cryptocurrencies together so that users can enter the world of crypto football. FWC is a digital currency platform that allows users to create digital currencies while maintaining security and safety. We are currently integrating Blockchain and NFT technologies for a better collective customer experience. Our platform is based on the Binance smart chain, which ensures the authenticity, traceability and immutability of digital assets. It also has a dynamic user interface and a customizable API to assist transactions.



FWC was created by people from a variety of backgrounds - from graphic designers and marketers to web developers and analysts - who share a passion for football and digital currency. The token can be used to purchase World Cup tickets, book hotels, use various related services, place bets and participate in lotteries. Furthermore, FWC will take its place in Metaverse and NFT football games.



FWC is a BEP-20 token designed for buying tickets to the World Cup, booking hotels, using various related services, placing bets, and participating in lotteries.



At the end of the World Cup, we change the name of this token to X 2026 TOKEN (COUNTRY 2026 TOKEN V2) and connect it with new football technology. This token will become coin and will be used in football sports technologies such as robots, AVR

After the 2022 World Cup, the new version of the token will be offered with powerful technology for the next four years. ( Fwc New Country 202X Token)

We will be with you until the end of the world. .

Road Map

After getting to the website, you see a regular roadmap.


⛳️ Q1

🌐 launching Web_site ✅

🔥 50% burned ✅

📈 Marketing 15% ✅

💹 List in exchanges         

✅Listed in Pancakeswap 10th Feb

✅Listed in geckoterminal 10th Feb

✅Listed in dextools 10th Feb

✅Listed in coinranking 10th Feb

✅Listed in Azbit 25th Feb

🎫 Lottery between holders :    

🥇 winner 1  : 500$ ✅

🥈 winner 2  : 250$ ✅

🥉 winner 3  : 100$ ✅

🎖️ Winner 4-10: 50$ ✅

🎖️ Winner11-15: 20$ ✅



⛳️ Q2

🌐 Upgrading site  ✅

🔥 20% burning ✅

📈 Developed marketing ✅

💹 List in exchanges         

✅Listed in Coinsbit 4th March 

✅Listed in CoinMarketCap 10th  

✅Listed in Altcoinmarket 10th 

✅Listed in Coingecko 13th

✅Listed in Safepal 13th March

✅Listed in Cointiger 15th March

✅Listed in Coinmooner 16th

✅Listed in Arken 16th March

✅Listed in Digifinex 19th March

✅Listed in Openocean 20th March

✅Listed in Trustwallet 26th March 

✅Listed in Bibox 30th March

✅Listed in Bitmart 4th April

✅Listed in CryptoCart 11th April

✅Listed in Rubic 29th April

✅Listed in Lbank 8th May





⚜️NFT release    

🎟️ Contracts with reputable betting sites throughout the country especially Russia      

✅Listed in Vulkania 10th May

✅Listed in SWFT 11th May

✅Listed in Bitkeep 16th May

✅Listed in Bigone 25th May

✅Listed in Bitforex 27th May

✅Listed in Certik 6th Jun

✅Listed in Coinstats 15th Jun

✅Listed in Coinbrain 19th Jun

✅Listed in Bogged 19th Jun
✅Listed in Hotbit 20th Seb

Coming soon…

🎫 Lottery between holders :

🥇 winner 1  : 1000$  

🥈 winner 2  : 500$

🥉 winner 3  : 250$

🎖️ Winner 4-10: 200$

🎖️ Winner11-15: 50$


⛳️ Q3

🌐 Upgrading site

🔥 10% burning ✅

📈 Developed marketing

💹 Contract with national clubs of Spain, Germany, Italy, Brazil

⚜️List in BitGet Exchange

🎟️Ticket purchase contract

🏥 The cost of treating incurable diseases

🎮 Making Sports metaverse game

🎫 Lottery between holders :

🥇 winner 1  : 1000$  

🥈 winner 2  : 500$

🥉 winner 3  : 250$



⛳️ Q4

🌐 Upgrading site

🔥 5% burning ✅

💣 Valid exchanges to start each game(Groups) in December 2022 (Group A, Group B, ..)

💹 Contract with national clubs of other countries

⚜️ Fwc X 2026 Token betting site

🎟️ Hotel reservation process in Qatar with FWCTokens

🏥 The cost of treating incurable diseases (Step2)

🎮 Launching metaverse game


Exchanges CEX/DEX


  • Hotbit 20th Seb 2022
  • Coinstats 15 Jun 2022
  • Certik 06 Jun 2022
  • Bitforex 27th May 2022
  • Bigone 25th May 2022
  • Bitkeep 16th May 2022
  • SWFT Blockchain 11th May 2022
  • Vulkania 10th May 2022
  • Lbank 8th May 2022
  • Rubic 29th April 2022
  • CryptoCart 11th April 2022
  • Bitmart  4th April 2022
  • Bibox   29th March 2022
  • Trustwallet 26th March
  • Openocean   20th March 2022
  • Digifinex   19th March 2022
  • Arken   16th March 2022
  • Coinmooner   16th March 2022
  • Cointiger   15th March 2022
  • Safepal 13th March
  • Coingecko  13th March 2022
  • Altcoinmarket  10th March 2022
  • CMC  10th March 2022
  • Coinsbit   4th March 2022
  • Azbit   25th Feb 2022
  • coinranking 10th Feb 2022
  • dextools 10th Feb 2022
  • Coinpaprika 10th Feb 2022
  • Geckoterminal 10th Feb 2022
  • Pancakeswap 10th Feb 2022


You become the only person in the universe that can influence us.

Túlio 9th May 2022 Juan Payares 9th May 2022 Pilar Smith 9th May 2022 Paya.eth 9th May 2022 Alejandra Maglietti 9th May 2022 Lily Brown 11th April 2022 KateMillerCZ 11th April 2022 Peter Hunt 2th April 2022 Natalie Kohen 31th March 2022 Coindicators 30th march 2022 Ilaria Moretti 28th March 2022 Ginger Bubba 28th March 2022 CoinToplist 27th March 2022 Sarah 27th March 2022 May 27th March Web3wires 27th March 2022 Nova Astley 26th March 2022 Petra 26th March 2022 Violet Baker 22th March 2022 Mr Wizard 15th March 2022 ChinaPumpWXC 15th March Teachrate



English USA Qatar Germany Emirates Italy Persian Brazil China Indonesia France Spain Russia India SouthKorea Vietnam Turkey Poland Japan


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Hotbit Listing

Hotbit Listing

Hotbit is scheduled to list FWC(QATAR 2022 TOKEN) on Global Section



Leo King
CEO & Lead Blockchain
CTO & Senior Developer
Jimmy Christensen
Branding Manager
Blockchain App Developer
Community Management
James Moore
Zheng Shi
MM Services Manager